Get the most out of your Home WiFi


Connectivity issues? The problem is most likely with your WiFi, not your network.


RouteThis Helps can diagnose and solve your home WiFi issues in a matter of seconds. Download it today.

Enter <VQSG> wh
en activating the app.


When should I use RouteThis Helps?

What can RouteThis Helps do?


Scan your WiFi network

The app scans your home
network to pinpoint 
fix the issues that could
be affecting your service.

Identify your WiFi network issues

Diagnose common internet
issues, slow speeds, connection
problems, bandwidth congestion,
and dead spots.



Find quick and easy 
solutions to internet issues 
that could be bogging 
down your WiFi network.

How to scan and resolve WiFi issues?

Enter <VQSG> when activating the app, on step 3.

Download RouteThis Helps now! 
  • Scan your home network to see your network health.
  • Review the diagnosis.
  • Follow the recommended fixes based on your issues.
  Not yet on the ViewQwest Network? Diagnose your existing home WiFi & find out how we can help.
Enter <VQSG> when activating the app.