A Single Intelligent Agent for Effective Client Management
Single Intelligent Agent • Cloud-based Content Delivery • Real-time Visibility

Client Management Tools

Managing different workstations, servers, and devices that run on different Operating Systems (OS) presents formidable challenges for your business. With conventional management methods, even simple questions such as, “How many laptops do we have?”, “What operating system versions are our desktop systems running?” or “Are our patches up to date?” can take days to weeks to obtain and can generate inaccurate, incomplete responses. Keeping your endpoints patched and compliant becomes both complex and costly, and delayed or inaccurate responses can lead to significant business impact given that critical patches are often time-sensitive.

To meet today’s complex environment of heterogeneous servers and workstations, it is critical for your business to implement a unified and comprehensive endpoint management platform that efficiently mitigates this complexity, all while addressing security, compliance, inventory and lifecycle management requirements.

ViewQwest offers a single, comprehensive solution for discovering, managing and securing connected and roaming endpoints running Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOS. Our highly scalable, easily deployable solution covers patch, compliance, lifecycle and inventory management using a single intelligent agent and server*, helping your business save on cost, improve security and simplify endpoint management.


Single Intelligent Agent & Console

Our solution employs a single intelligent agent that functions across all endpoints, regardless of their OS, location or connection. Our multi-platform support enables automatic patch management across Windows, Mac OSX, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, VMWare ESX Server, RHEL, SUSE, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu systems. It can also for endpoints on or off the network, including roaming and Internet-connected devices.

Real-time Visibility & Control

See and manage all workstations and servers regardless of OS, location or connection from a single place. Gain accurate visibility into the state of your endpoints, and receive verification of patch and compliance status and configuration of the endpoints. Endpoint management is made easy with role-based granularity of management controls by resource groups and functional domains.

Cost-effective at Scale

Running on a single console, server and agent, our solution is modular by design, enabling you to buy what you need based on your unique business requirements. The pre-built, out-of-box patch content, checklists and controls enable easy scalability for your growing business.

Enhanced Security

Enjoy a plethora of security features to help eliminate gaps in your endpoint management strategy, from Software Vulnerability Identification to Docker & Kubertnetes Compliance Checks. This hardens the application container technology, and ensures a reduction of security risks.


Automated Patching Policies

Our solution enables you to run automated policies on a pre-defined schedule for Operating Systems and third-party applications with high first-pass success, increasing the work efficiency of your IT teams by significantly reducing staff time. This also reduces the complexity of policy management, and improves your security posture.

Roaming & Off-network Endpoint Support

Traditionally, roaming and off-network endpoints are challenging to manage and remain invisible, creating critical entry points for attackers to penetrate. Our agent enables these endpoints to be visible and controllable, eliminating gaps in security caused by an increasingly mobile workforce.

Continuous Monitoring and Remediation

Get continuous monitoring and remediation and near-real time, accurate information that can eliminate the time taken for problem resolution, reducing the potential negative impact on your core business operations.

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